Skin Therapist, Esthetician, or Pimple Popper

This is not a hobby. It is a loved profession. Estheticians love our jobs and helping others feel better about their skin.  Getting results. Stopping acne. Halting wrinkles in their tracks. Hydrating skin. Cocktailing products to get the right combination for everyone's different skin type. 

A lot of education goes into learning about skin. There is something new to be learned ALL the time. New clinical studies. Old ways thrown out. Myths debunked. Damage control. Prevention and maintenance. 

Good skin care products will cost more than what you buy from your neighborhood drugstore. Quality products cost more to manufacture. Sometimes it is about the pretty packaging. But the ingredients and results should speak for themselves. 

Acne is probably the most difficult to treat because there are so many causes and variations. Clients don't follow instructions always, or they add in their own home care products. Acne takes awhile to clear up and that can be frustrating. Sun damage is another concern that takes a lot of time and effort to improve.

As skin therapists, estheticians, pimple poppers, or whatever you want to call us, we are here to guide you and help you. We have the tools and the education and want to make you happy! It's teamwork, for sure. Call us and let's get started.