Why should you get an Acne Facial?

Why would a professional facial help with acne clearance? For starters, having an expert cleanse and analyze your skin in a clean environment is a great reason! Doing your own thing at home in the bathroom mirror, probably isn't the most sterile of environments. How about your fingers? Do you wash and sanitize your fingers before you pick at your skin? Yikes! Probably not. 

Most estheticians will double cleanse your face with different cleansers and toners, and perform extractions, an enzyme treatment, or chemical peel, and maybe use other modalities as well. Professional grade products will be used that are usually stronger than over the counter products.  Skin care experts know what and when to use those products. Acne needs to be treated gently at times, and at other times, a bit more aggressively. Your esthetician will guide you through the acne clearance stages, which can take three months or longer. Sometimes results happen quickly (YAY!) but other times, it can be a marathon. But acne can be the loser and you the winner, if you stay the course. So come in for an Acne Facial. Your skin will thank you! I use Face Reality Acne Products and the results speak for themselves.  Check the skin improvements on these happy clients: www.facereality.com

I would recommend anyone looking to get facials to come here! Suzanne is such an amazing person and you could tell she cares very much for her clients. My results from just a few months really boosted my confidants. I’ve always struggled with my acne and I haven’t seen my skin so clear ! Was worth every penny!
T., age 19, Concord
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