Facials: what should I expect?

Acne Facial: Get Cleared with the Face Reality acne protocol that has helped thousands of people who suffered from acne. Clinical grade products and treatments are effectively used to treat acne, reduce inflammation and improve skin texture. Most clients can see a difference within weeks and significant improvement within 90 days, when sticking to the protocol. First appointment includes consultation and treatment. 90 minutes. $ 85.00. Follow up treatments: 45 minutes: $60-70.00

Custom Facial: Chemical Peel or Enzyme treatment to loosen dead skin cells and leave skin softer, smoother, and brighter. Helpful for fine lines, brown spots (hyperpigmentation) rough texture and dull skin. Includes: Double cleanse, skin analysis, chemical peel or enzyme, facial massage, hydration and spf. $ 85.00

Ultrasound Facial: Gentle ultrasound vibration and waves are used to clean skin, and to help products penetrate the skin. The Ultrasound Facial is a complete treatment for sensitive skin, and for those looking for a glow, and no downtime. Includes: Double cleanse, skin anaylsis, ultrasound treatment, facial massage, hydration and spf. $ 75.00