Vitamin C Facial

A brightening facial to improve lackluster skin. Exfoliates skin and leaves it brighter.

$80 | 50 minutes

Express Peel or Facial

Get refreshed in less time. Enzyme or peel after cleansing. Hydration and SPF and good to go!

$50 | 30 minutes

Back Treatment

Deep Cleansing for the back with a light chemical peel or microdermabrasion or Dermafile. Helps with breakouts and dull skin.

$85 - $125 | 50 minutes

celluma image.jpeg showing LED therapy for acne

Celluma Led

Originally developed by NASA for astronauts who could become injured or ill on a long-term space flight, LED technology is used today as a safe and natural method of treating a variety of skin and pain conditions such as acne, anti-aging, and pain.

Celluma LED 

$20 as add-on, or can be a stand alone treatment for anti-aging or acne for $50.00 for 35 minutes. Learn more here:

Ultrasound Facial Massage

Ultrasound helps skin care ingredients penetrate more effectively with ultrasonic wave sounds. This massage feels warm and soothing, as well. 

$20 add-on