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Clearer skin with the right facial products!

My lovely client was seeing some success on the Face Reality protocol but finally turned the corner when we went over product usage. She was hesitant about using one product, a serum. Her use was sporadic. I explained how this one key component would make a difference, and in two weeks, it showed! Her face was glowing! 

Face Reality skincare is based on the work of Dr. Fulton, a doctor with a passion for helping acne sufferers. Dr. Fulton grew up in the 1950's and suffered with severe acne. His parents tried everything. He decided to become a doctor, and a dermatologist at that, to help find solutions for acne. Through years of research, Dr. Fulton came up with a protocol that effectively treats acne. It is not a cure, but a regimen that must be followed and when something doesn't work, there is a back up plan and options for every skin type. 

Acne is a complex disease, with many causes and aggravators. But it doesn't have to be left to run its own course and cause facial scarring and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (brown and/or red spots  left over from acne lesions). 

Start treating your acne right away. Don't waste time on drug store acne products or home based business products from people who haven't been trained in skin physiology. It's your face! Your skin!  Call a licensed Esthetician, like Suzanne, for an appointment to get started on clear skin today. 


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