The Acne Program

For first time clients, a consultation is important to customize a plan to treat your type of acne. Plan to purchase the best in acne home care products, and the product should last you two to three months.  Good products are a crucial part in treating acne, and we use Face Reality Acne products. 

Acne can take approximately 3-4 months to get clearer skin, IF you maintain your home care regimen. Some people see results much quicker once they stop using drug store skin care products, and start using effective, clinically tested products like Face Reality. Every skin needs different things to get clear. You may need come in for treatments every two weeks. These treatments are to exfoliate your skin, extractions, light peels, and to keep track of progress. If you are serious about clearing your skin and think you can commit to daily care, make an appointment. 

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Consultation + first treatment: $90.00

Ongoing Treatments: $60.00-70.00

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